Mini 0826 Dash Cam Box

The Mini 0826 dashboard digicam is one of the state-of-the-art within the Mini digicam series. This series of cameras have been popular sellers and continually force loads of dialogue on our discussion board. The Mini 0826 is manufactured by way of the chinese organisation Skyhigh Electronics Co. Ltd. note that Skyhigh does promote to other businesses who collect / rebrand this camera as properly.

The Mini 0826 isn’t always a dramatic departure from the preceding cameras, the Mini 0805 and the Mini 0806. In reality the Mini 0826 makes use of the equal firmware because the Mini 0805. This suggests that the digicam makes use of the Ambarella A7LA50 processor and Omnivision OV4689 CMOS sensor.

Video first-class at some stage in the day is excellent and night time quality is ideal, recording 1296p on par with its siblings the Mini 0805 and Mini 0806. The maximum major difference with this camera is the size and shape factor. The 0826 is longer, thicker and feels extra sturdy then the alternative Mini cameras (measures 80 x forty six x 39mm). The camera is stiff to rotate as well.

The 0826 has a rubberized coating which gives it a top rate experience whilst in comparison to the difficult plastic utilized in previous fashions. The mount is identical to the Mini 0806 mount and has GPS built in. A 1.5″ display is protected and the camera helps 1 MicroSD card (up to 64GB). observe that some fashions have an internal 8GB of memory as properly, a beneficial characteristic if you neglect to insert the SD card in the digital camera.

the most important query with this digicam is reliability. A brief test of our Mini collection forum and it’s far clean that beyond reliability has not been perfect (the Mini 0805 appears to have the exceptional reliability out of the series). the bigger length of the Mini 0826 may want to help on this regard, especially for warmth related troubles.

We would like to thank a number of members who’ve created critiques for this digicam. click on the following hyperlinks to read the evaluations from CheckYourLights, Sunny and VIIVIIIXIII.

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size evaluation

Our member Sunny has shared a few pics of the Mini 0826 with the Firefly 6S, Amkov 7000S and G1WH.
regarded problems

Out of cognizance

considered one of our members has received a digital camera that looks to be out of cognizance. The video beneath highlights the problem and you may read more approximately it on this thread. sadly we are not positive if that is a substantial problem or no longer. Disassembling the camera and manually adjusting the point of interest would solve it.

Ausdom A261 (top) vs Mini 0826 (backside)

ought to I buy?

The Mini 0826 isn’t dramatically one of a kind than its predecessor the Mini 0805. Video nice is set the same but the Mini 0826 has a higher exceptional casing. however, the Mini 0826 is extra costly, large and reliability is unproven as compared to the Mini 0805. The Mini 0826 is a decent price however usual the Mini 0805 is a better bang for the dollar. to see what other proprietors are pronouncing, go to our Mini 0826 forum.
wherein to purchase for lowest rate

This digital camera usually sells for under $100 from some of providers: and kingdom


caution! MAKING changes to your FIRMWARE ARE executed AT YOUR very own risk. WE aren’t answerable for ANY damage on your dash CAM due to these instructions.

Firmware replace commands

format the MicroSD Card

reproduction the firmware report (.bin) onto the basis of the MicroSD Card
you can need to rename the firmware record to firmware bin
The digicam have to set off to update routinely (yes/no)
After the firmware replace is finished make certain to delete the documents or you will be triggered to replace once more

modern Firmware

check TO ensure you have A MINI 0805 before UPDATING. some vendors ARE promoting 0803 CAMERAS AND CLAIMING they are 0805 resulting IN BRICKED CAMERAS when UPDATING. (from Skyhigh Electronics) (from Skyhigh Electronics)

previous Firmware

Mini-0826 1card GPS (from Skyhigh Electronics)
Mini-0826 2cards GPS (from Skyhigh Electronics)

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download handiest trusted apps:

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Best Sewing Machine

What are the best electronic sewing machines of 2017?


Unlike mechanical models, electronic sewing machines are easier to use. They have an LCD or touch screen that is used to display settings and alerts. Just select the operations you want to perform. If you have trouble choosing from the various models on the market, then consider a comparison.

Best Sewing Machine

The acquisition of this equipment can not be improvised. You must evaluate several criteria to find the best product. If you are new to sewing then you must pay attention to all the tips in this article. By considering all the recommendations, you will benefit from an optimal use of this equipment.

It should first be noted that all models on the market are equipped with a more or less wide screen depending on the brand. Privilege articles that incorporate a memory function. This will allow you to save the settings you use often. You will save more time since it is no longer necessary to enter the data each time.

Experts also recommend opting for devices that offer wide brightness and contrast levels. This is an essential criterion for you to enjoy a good quality of reading. You may be interested in:  SINGER 9960 Review

The use of settings may seem difficult at first, but over time, the manipulation will become a breeze. It is this criterion that will also have to be prioritized.

The majority of these machines incorporate an electronic dimmer pedal. By adopting this option, you can continue to sew without much effort. You can also adjust the working speed according to your needs.

If this is the first time you use this machine then this pedal will be of great use. By adopting it, you could more easily control the power of the device.

Recommended products:

Brother FS40ZU1


This electronic sewing machine is computerized and offers adequate performance. It incorporates a backlit LCD screen that displays the 40 stitches. You will also find all the useful information during the use of the device.

By adopting this article, you will be able to realize all your ideas and let your imagination do the rest. You benefit from 5 automatic buttonhole functions and a variable speed drive.

The protective cover and accessory kit offered with the product will be used to store all equipment for a minimum of space.

This model is also equipped with several powerful devices namely the flat bobbin which ensures a simple and fast installation. You could easily see the amount of wire remaining by looking through the clear cover. It is suitable for both individuals and professionals thanks to its powerful electric motor.

Carina H40A


This model stands out from other products on the market thanks to its metal frame, the different features offered and the number of stitches. The automatic voltage of this unit is working properly and offers good performance. You can use it to make automatic buttonholes.

The worktable and the automatic threading of the thread on the needle are also included in the kit. This will save you from extra expense to purchase these devices.

You will benefit from LED lighting that will enhance comfort of use and a slider that allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs. You will also appreciate the use of automatic positioning and reverse gear.

This is a particularly quiet equipment that emits almost no noise. Which is nice enough to help you focus. It is also easy to use, by adopting it you will enjoy sewing.


Singer 8763 Curvy


Thanks to the multiple functionalities present on this Singer, it will offer you a multitude of possibilities in matters of sewing.

It incorporates a revolutionary threading system called SwiftSmart. Using this option will allow you to guide the thread to the needle area using a groove. Regarding the Drop & Sew, it is no longer necessary to lift the wire. You will just have to drop it off and you could start sewing.

The presence of the two LED lamps makes it possible to have a suitable vision. You will have access to all the difficult areas like wrists or pants hems.

With its 30 cm long, 12 cm wide and 25 cm high, this model is suitable for professional use.

Despite all the options on this device, it shows a good ease of use. You will have no trouble using it. This article also benefits from a manufacturing quality that has nothing to envy to other models.